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Quality Program and The fight against counterfeit parts

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 10:20 am | Even More News | Catagories: blogposts, Home Page: Featured News, Press Release

How prevalent is Counterfeiting?

The number of reported counterfeit electronic component parts continues to rise at alarming rate as it remains on track with the record set in 2011. The actual number of counterfeit electronics parts worldwide is likely unverifiable.   Recent studies found that the total count of reported incidents for counterfeited parts came out to roughly 12 million over the last five to six years, breaking down to one counterfeit part discovered every 15 seconds.  It has been recently estimated by the Alliance for Grey Markets and Counterfeit Abatement (AGMA) that the cost of counterfeit electronics components over all levels of the electronics industry is over $100 billion annually.

Our Commitment

Counterfeit components posing an increasing threat to the quality and dependability of the global supply chain, Stealth Components has joined the effort to raise awareness among electronic components buyers and to provide them with a defense against fraudulent parts. Stealth has identified several key characteristics which commonly differentiate suppliers with quality, customer-service-oriented practices from suppliers with bottom line, profit-oriented practices.

 Counterfeit parts prevention

Following are three indicators that buyers should use to assess the quality-commitment of their suppliers.

1. Ensure your suppliers have a documented Quality Management System (QMS).

2. Validate the level of historical traceability your supplier offers for each part they sell.

3. Verify your supplier’s testing and inspection procedures reflect current industry standards.

About  Stealth Components, Inc.

For over 18 years, Stealth Components has experienced significant growth and has become a leader in the independent distribution of electronic components.  Located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Eschborn, Germany (Frankfurt), Stealth provides stock and source services of standard long-lead-time, allocated, hard-to-find, and  obsolete electronic componentsfor domestic and international customers. Stealth strives to help its customers eliminate gaps, reduce costs and avoid production line delays and interruptions. Stealth’s leadership, quality program and process efficiencies paired with our trusted network of suppliers enable us to provide electronic components with improved lead time while ensuring product quality is not compromised.

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