Quality takes commitment

That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive Quality Management System, including an internal Quality Control (QC) program and a robust vendor selection process to ensure only quality components reach your door. Associates comprehend the commitment the entire organization must make, from the top down, to ensure quality is at the forefront of our business model. The Stealth executive team is committed to delivering quality products to ensure customer satisfaction and company growth. Development of an internal Quality Management System has provided Stealth with the ability to:

  • Ensure the company’s quality standards are being met to the best of our ability
  • Expose irregularities, defects or weaknesses within the Stealth environment in an ongoing attempt to improve and enhance the quality program and its outcomes
  • Improve service levels and shorten average lead times through the monitoring, reporting and implementing of corrective actions and preventive actions
Quality Assurance

At Stealth, we understand and appreciate the many challenges manufacturers face regarding accuracy, complexity and deadlines. In an effort to support these needs to the best of our ability, Stealth’s Quality Control program provides a consistent and effective manner in which we routinely monitor our processes for the source, stock and distribution of our products. This level of commitment not only ensures customer satisfaction, but also provides a trusted source for our customers to rely on.

The Stealth QC process includes 100% inspection for every component procured and 3rd party testing for components that meet Stealth’s criteria for testing.