Customer Commitment

Each associate at Stealth understands the importance of customers to the company’s success. They are also aware that their individual roles have a significant impact on total quality and overall customer satisfaction. Our goal is to create long-term satisfied partners not only one-time buyers. In order to ensure we remain focused on our customers and their needs, we have committed to the following for each and every customer:

  • Continually providing quality parts
  • Ensuring on-time and accurate delivery
  • Prompt response to customer questions and concerns
  • Treating each customer with dignity and respect
  • Respecting customer privacy
  • Keeping each customer informed throughout their purchasing process
  • Providing an industry-informed sales associate as a dedicated resource for every customer

If you have an issue with any Stealth associate, please let us know (Contact Us). Only with your comments, feedback and suggestions can we truly become the customer-centric organization we hope to be.