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About Stealth

Stealth Components is a stock and source distributor doing business on the electronic component open market. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Stealth provides allocated, hard-to-find, standard long lead time, and obsolete components to manufacturers whose normal procurement process has failed to produce a much needed part. Because Stealth is an independent distributor, Stealth uses its vast network of trusted suppliers to source those components needed by its customers. Stealth's main objective is to eliminate our customers' procurement problems in an effort to increase their productivity.

Currently, we supply components to manufacturers in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Contract Manufacturers / Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Energy Systems & Controls
  • Industrial Automation / Electronics
  • Measurement Technology
  • Medical Device
  • Telecom
  • Welding

Our Success

In an effort to confirm how much we value our customers across the globe and our commitment to an effective Quality Management System, Stealth's goal over the past year has been to develop and obtain our ISO 9001:2008 Certification. After several months of hard-work, we achieved our goal and with pride, let all of our customers know that we guarantee to provide them with quality services and products. Our quality policy reaffirms our commitment everyday:

Stealth Components, Inc. is committed to providing quality services and products that consistently meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations. We will achieve this through the process of defining and understanding customer requirements. Each Stealth employee is committed to our Quality Management System and a culture of continuous improvement across our products, our processes, and our service to customers.