Mission & History

Our Mission

Stealth’s mission is to be electronic manufacturers’ first choice for an independent distributor by offering superior quality products, providing fast / on-time delivery and ensuring all customers are supported with excellent customer service. To fulfill its mission, Stealth embraces high standards of ethics, management and accountability, establishes new supplier relationships to leverage resources and improve its ability to effectively provide the greatest network of component availability for its customers. Stealth aims to be a high-performing, well-respected and motivating partner to all electronic manufacturers.


Our pledge to offer only quality components aids in our obligation to provide high quality customer satisfaction and increase company growth.


We’ll deliver when you need it. We understand that delivering your components is the most important part of placing an order so we intend on getting it right the first time.


Stealth’s commitment to its customers is second only to the quality of products we provide.

Our History

Having worked in the independent electronic component industry for years, Bernie Smith realized many independent distributors cared more for the bottom line than the quality of the component or satisfaction of the customer. In 1996, Smith saw the immediate need for a customer driven independent supplier and through the vision, he created a distributor who could focus on the needs of manufacturers while placing quality and customer satisfaction first.

Smith focused all efforts on manufacturers whose traditional supply chain had failed to acquire components critical to their production line. After a few years of distributing a small niche of components, Smith expanded Stealth’s product line and began stocking, sourcing and distributing hundreds of components to customers worldwide.

Today, Stealth stocks and distributes components from over 600 manufacturers. With most of Stealth’s business in Europe and Asia, Smith made the decision that to provide THE BEST customer service, associates needed to be in the office when customers were. Since that time, the Stealth sales staff has started their day at 3:00 AM EST.