Without adequate receiving procedures we risk introducing substandard or counterfeit parts into the Stealth environment. Only with effective processes can we be assured of obtaining authentic, high-quality products. Each member of our Quality team is trained in the latest industry standards for counterfeit detection and our comprehensive 35-point component inspection is an essential function in our rigorous quality process. Our secure, ESD S20.20 compliant warehouse and testing facility along with our state-of-the-art inspection equipment enable Stealth to ensure only quality products are delivered to our customers.

All of our testing services include a 100% inspection to international standards for co-planarity, dimension, visual (marking, date code confirmation, damage, flux residue, solder wicking and oxidation, carbon deposits, etc.) and lead integrity. We perform random sample de-capsulation, X-Ray, and solder-ability tests to verify the condition and authenticity of the devices.

The Stealth inspection process includes the following flow for every component procured.