About Us

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stealth provides components and around the clock customer service to an international customer base. As a leading North American independent electronic component distributor, quality components, fast turnaround, outstanding customer service and a highly driven professional staff ensure customer satisfaction remains at the top of our priority list. Our commitment and dedication to customers puts us ahead of our peers in quality, turnaround time and service. With an 85.5% order fill rate, we continue to prove our capabilities in sourcing and delivering hard to find parts. At 35 points better than the industry average; we deliver what our customers need when they need it. Our world class shipping ensures components make it through the door when customers need them and not a day later.


Our corporate office is staffed with industry experienced sales and procurement associates, as well as a highly experienced support staff. With over 40 sales professionals in the office as early as 8:00 PM EST, our support team structure ensures customers reach us when they need us.