Asset Recovery

Stealth is the premier global supply chain partner for technology-driven companies.

Stealth’s Asset Recovery division offers OEM, EMS and ODM clients an unparalleled approach to managing inventory within their overall supply chain. Our flexible processes and attention to detail create supply chain solutions that help clients reduce costs, increase returns and drive overall revenue all within a full suite of solutions that are competitive, sustainable and scalable in virtually any environment or geography.

Today, organizations in every industry are realizing the importance of improving their supply chain processes. Companies are taking a hard look at ways to introduce cost-avoidance models and best practice standards to create additional revenue streams wherever possible.

Improved supply chain processes increase overall efficiencies, reduce operational costs and improve revenue streams while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and all of which provide companies with a significant competitive advantage.

Optimize your total asset recovery value by utilizing Stealth’s comprehensive supply chain solutions.

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